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ODILE #4 - 5PM Baja Time

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Reports are starting to come in.  I even got a cell phone call from my friend who lives up on the saddle between the two arroyos.  He walked his neighborhood and no major visible damage.  Lots of clean up to do.  Buenos Aries arroyo is running and probably not passable. 


Taken from an email: 
I just spoke to a homeowner waterfront 3 doors away from Spa
Buena Vista resort.
She asked her friend in Barriles to go check her place out.
Friend had to go by quad on beach as roads are gone.
House was semi flooded and a mess. She said the house will
take days to make ready for rental again.
Also was told no water or electricity and road from Cabo is

La Ribera Report: 
> We have driven around town - there are many power poles
down and lines
> hanging. There is also many trees down and branches
broken off. We
> were not able to get beyond the arroyo going east on the
Cabo Pulmo
> road as the arroyo was running. Also we were not able to get
> the water in front of the Montano restaurant.
> My rain gauge registered 4 1/2".
> It looks like we will not have power for maybe a week so
communication  > will be limited.


Theresa talked to Omar at the East Cape RV Resort this
morning. We had three trees knocked and and lots of water.
No damage to any structure whether that was a trailer, a
palapa casita or even palapa roofs. Omar said as far as he knew that no boats
had been damaged as they were all out of the water.

He did say that it was very scary and very wind. He stayed our
home and with what he heard during the night, he assumed
that the damage would be very sever. Needless to say he was
very surprised when he came out in the am.
Power does seem to be out and the Beunas Airs arroyo is
running full. Omar was able to get cell service off the San
Bartolo tower


Rancho Leonero web site:
Hurricane Odile Update: 9/15 8:00am PST

The Ranch is open for business.

Hurricane Odile made landfall on the Southern tip of Baja last
night and is continuing Northwest at about 17 mph. One of the
strongest systems to hit the peninsula, hurricane force winds
and torrential rain, battered downtown Cabo San Lucas into
the early morning.

Thankfully, because of our location, we weren’t directly hit by
the storm and sustained only very minor damage. Our
independent power and water supply were not affected either.
Most roads are open, though flights in and out have been
suspended until tomorrow. Our fleet was not affected by the
storm and with conditions continuing to improve, we should be
able to send boats out tomorrow. If you have any questions or
concerns please call our office at 1-800-646-2252.


 Photo of the Cabo Airport!!!  Wow, and they'll be open tomorrow............




(email from my friend in La Paz.  She lives up by the City Club and Soriana's. Cheryl)                                        Report 3pm Monday: I'm fine and the house is fine. I
have not gone out today because it's still quite windy and
raining lightly. I think they probably have enough gawkers
without me adding to the confusion. ..but I would like to know
how the malecón and the marinas came out. I hear Cabo is a
It was quite a storm. my back yard is a mess but I will clean up
tomorrow. The pool cover must have ended up in my
neighbor's yard. And I have broken cement tiles belonging to
another neighbor.
I don't know when they expect to get the electricity back on.


For those that was here for John, he was a pussy cat compared to Odile
We just drove through town, the first arroyo is running  hard. No one has been brave enough to cross it.
Power is out, gas station was pumping this afternoon. Trees are down, houses did get water in  them.
We are still getting winds and rain. Stopped in Chapitos, the shelves are getting bare.
Its been a very long night.  The town over all looks good.